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Planning Your Heron Guard Layout

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Diagram Showing How To Layout A Heron Guard
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Overhead View of a Pond Fitted with a Heron Guard

Use the top diagram to help you plan your protection and to calculate the number of rods that you will need.

How many rods do I need for my pond?

Your aim is to go around the pond using as few rods as you can, with the maximum distance between each rod 6ft.

The spacing of the rods will vary between ponds, but if you have read the guidelines below for this and you are still unsure, allow 1 rod for every 1.5 metres or 4ft. This will be enough.

Locate the rods at shorter intervals for tighter curves and longer intervals for gentle curves and most straight edges. Formal ponds with straight sides and large ponds will need less frequent rods than small ponds.

It is worth planning your layout carefully. The difference in the number of rods needed between ponds of different shape and size will vary hugely and so can the distance between the rods. A little time spent on planning the layout of the pond will keep the number of rods that you need to a minimum and will save you money.

If you are finding it difficult to picture the rods around the pond, one tip is to push some sticks in the ground around the pond and to stretch some string between them. This will help you to plan your layout and to decide on how many rods you need.

Tadpole Installation Service

We offer a full Heron Guard installation service for local customers living in the Surrey area and Surrey borders. By asking Tadpole to install your Heron Guard for you, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge of the product. So you can be confident that your Heron Guard is fitted to provide the optimum protection for your pond.

(See our 'Other Services' web page for more details.)

All Tadpole Products Are Now Available Through Wilde Waters Ltd

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