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Heron Guard - Installation Service
Advisory Home Visits
Monthly Maintenance

These services are available to local customers only and apply to those customers living in the Surrey area or Surrey borders.

Heron Guard Installation

We offer a full Heron Guard installation service for those customers living in the Surrey area. By using our experience and knowledge of the product, you can be confident that your Heron Guard is fitted to provide the optimum protection for your pond.


Installation for a single Heron Guard (1 packet of rods) will cost 176.25 Including Vat.

For each additional packet of rods there will be an additional charge of 60.00.

No additional charge is made for the installation of a fitting kit, if your pond needs one. This is included in the price.

Contact us today for details.

Prices are for installation only. You will need to add the cost of the Heron guard to your order.

Advisory Home Visits

You can arrange for us to pay a personal advisory visit to your home advising on a wide range of pond issues. We can advise on Heron Guard installation, blanketweed control or on the general condition and care of your pond.

The cost of a private consultation will be 55.00+Vat for up to an hour. Longer visits can be arranged at 55.00+Vat for each additional hour. Contact us today for details.

Why Not Take Advantage Of Our Pond Maintenance Service?

For as little as 55.00 + Vat per month we will take over the responsibility of looking after your pond. A monthly maintenance contract with us will make sure that your pond stays looking tidy and well cared for. Prices will vary according to the size of each pond. Contact us today for details.

All Tadpole Products And Services Are Now Available Through Wilde Waters Ltd

Wilde Waters Ltd
195 Portsmouth Road, Cobham
Surrey KT11 1JR England
Telephone: (01932) 866898

Wilde Waters - Surrey UK. Pond & water garden construction, maintenance & refurbishment, filtration & repairs. Click here.
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