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Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers to help you decide what you need for your pond:

Heron Guard

How many rods do I need?

Measure the perimeter of your pond. Your aim is to go around the pond using as few rods as you can with the maximum distance between each rod 6ft. The spacing of the rods will vary between ponds, but if you have read our guidelines for this and you are still unsure, allow 1 rod for every 1.5 metres or 4ft. This will be enough. Spacing will vary according to the shape of your pond (see 'Plan Your Layout' for further help).

What type of rods do I need?

Does your pond have a soft surround such as grass, soil, garden or rockery? If the answer is yes, then you need to order "Heron Guard for ponds with a soft surround".

Does your pond have a hard surround such as paving, brick or concrete? If the answer is yes, then you need to order "Heron Guard for ponds with a hard surround".

Do I need a fitting kit?

You need to order fitting kits only if you are ordering Heron Guard for ponds with a hard surround.

How many fitting kits do I need?

For each packet of rods, you will need a fitting kit (1 packet). If you need 3 packets of rods, you will also need 3 packets of fitting kits.

Do I need to buy some fishing line to go with my Heron Guard?

Yes you do. It is the fishing that is stretched between the rods that keeps the heron from stealing your fish. Fishing line is sold separately from each Heron Guard on the order form. The fishing line that we sell has a very high tensile strength which makes it more difficult for the heron to break the line and which will last longer. We recommend that you buy one reel of fishing line per packet of rods.

Blanketweed Control

How big is my pond?

Calculating your pond size:

Length x Width x Average Depth = Cubic Capacity

In metres = Cubic Metres
In feet = Cubic Feet

Cubic metres x 100 = Litres
Cubic feet x 6.23 = Gallons

How much do I need? Each packet of Phos-Kit contains enough medication to treat 6820 litres (1500 gallons) of pond water. We recommend that you order enough Phos-Kit to dose the pond 6 times. For example: A pond containing 1000 gallons (4547 litres) will need 4 packets of Phos-Kit. Further Phos-Kit can be ordered as required.

All Tadpole Products Are Now Available Through Wilde Waters Ltd

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