At Tadpole Technologies Aquatics UK we can prevent herons taking fish from your pond and stop the heron attacking your ponds

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Heron Guard

Protect Your Pond From Herons
Prevent The Heron Taking Your Fish

Are herons catching and eating fish from your pond? Have you tried to protect your fish from attacking herons, but failed to stop them taking the fish? Are you looking for a really effective way to defend your pond from the heron, and to keep your fish safe? Look no further. Heron Guard provides effective protection for your fish, and will defend the pond against heron attack.

Herons are one of the greatest problems facing pond keepers today. Most UK pond keepers will struggle to protect their pond against heron attack. Many will give up their ponds because of their failure to defend their pond against herons, and to keep their fish safe.

Tadpole Technologies Aquatics UK would like to present Heron Guard - a simple, effective solution to herons taking your fish. Heron Guard will protect your pond and stop the herons eating your fish. Install a Heron Guard and take some of the worries out of pond keeping. Heron Guard will help you to relax and enjoy your pond, with peace of mind.

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Protect your pond from Herons with this effective easy to install solution from Tadpole. Don't let them get away with murder.

A Heron Guard Fitted To A Pond With A Hard Surround
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heron uk herons uk Unobtrusive and easy to install

heron uk herons uk An effective alternative to netting

heron uk herons uk Unlike netting will not tangle with the planting

heron uk herons uk Allows easy access to the pond

heron uk herons uk No wiring - no batteries

Netting the pond has been the traditional method of protecting the pond against herons. However, netting is unsightly, the plants become entangled in the mesh and the net must first be removed before any maintenance work can be carried out on the pond.

We would like to present Tadpole Technologies UK Heron Guard. This is a traditional method to defend the pond from herons with the advantages of modern materials and quality engineering.

A Heron Guard Fitted To A Pond With A Hard Surround
A Heron Guard consists of vertical rods placed around the perimeter of the pond supporting three equally spaced strands of fishing line. In this way, the fishing line circles the pond three times at different heights. Some extra strands stretched diagonally across the pond provide additional protection. These diagonal strands are stretched from the top of the rods in single strands.
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Know your enemy. To stop a Heron, it helps to know how a Heron will go about taking your fish. Herons are wading birds. Typically a heron will land near the pond and either stand at the pond edge or wade into the water before catching your fish. A Heron Guard around the edge of the pond will stop the bird from wading into the water and will hamper the heron's movements at the edge of the pond. In most cases, the Heron will quickly become frustrated and fly off to find an easier meal.

The rods are made from quality aluminium which will not rust. The rods are black in colour to make them as unobtrusive as possible and the three grooves spaced evenly along each rod are for easy location of the fishing line. There is a rubber ferrule on the tip of each rod for eye safety.

There are two types of rod to choose from. It is important to choose the correct rods for your pond and check whether you need a fitting kit.

Type 1. For ponds with a 'Soft Surround' (such as grass, soil, garden or rockery).

A Heron Guard Fitted To A Pond With A Soft Surround
No fitting kit is necessary.
Assembly is simplicity itself. The rods are pushed into the ground at intervals around the perimeter of the pond and the fishing line is then stretched between them. The rods should be located at approximately 3-4 inches/8-10cm from the pond edge for the best results. See Pond - Soft Surround for fitting instructions.

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Type 2. For ponds with a 'Hard Surround' (such as paving, brick, decking or concrete).

A Heron Guard Fitted To A Pond With A Hard Surround Fitting kit is necessary.
The rods are shorter and you will need a separate fitting kit. The fitting kit consists of sockets which are fixed to the pond edge and into which the rods are located. Each socket is fixed to the pond edge by three small screws. The rods are shorter because they are surface mounted and are above ground only. See Pond - Hard Surround for fitting instructions.
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How many rods do I need to protect my pond?

Every pond will be different, but a simple guide is to measure the perimeter of the pond and allow an average of 1 rod every 4ft/1.5 metres. Locate the rods at shorter intervals for tighter curves and longer intervals for gentle curves and most straight edges. Formal ponds with straight sides and large ponds will need less frequent rods than small ponds.

It is worth planning the layout of your protection carefully. The difference in the number of rods needed between ponds of different shape and size will vary hugely and so can the distance between the rods. A little time spent on planning the layout of the pond will keep the number of rods that you need to a minimum and will save you money.

If you are finding it difficult to picture the rods around the pond, one tip is to push some sticks in the ground around the pond and to stretch some string between them. This will help you to plan the layout of your protection and to decide on how many rods you need.


Carefully choose the right type of Heron Guard for your pond. There are two types: Heron Guard for ponds with a soft surround(which are longer and do not need a fitting kit), and Heron Guard for ponds with a hard surround (which are shorter and need a fitting kit to secure them to the edge of the pond). Failure to choose the right kit will make installation difficult and will reduce the effectiveness of this product.


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