At Tadpole Technologies Aquatics UK we can stop blanketweed growing in your pond and kill green algae in ponds

Treating Your Pond

How To Apply The Medication

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Removing Blanketweed From A Pond With a Net
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Treating The Pond With Phos-kit

Open the packet. Inside you will find a plastic sachet and a large blue spoon. The sachet contains 'Phos-kit' which is a granular medication.

Scoop up a spoonful of Phos-kit with the blue spoon and put it into a watering can. The watering can must be clean and must not have been used for applying weedkiller or other garden chemicals. Remove the rose/spray from the end of the watering can, as undissolved Phos-kit crystals can block up the jets.

Each spoonful holds enough 'Phos-kit' to treat 100 gallons. Use as many scoops as you need for the amount of water that your pond contains. Put all of the Phos-kit into the watering can. Fill the can with water and stir the phos-kit into the water until it dissolves. If you use warm water from the tap, the Phos-kit will dissolve almost straight away. Now sprinkle the water from the watering can evenly over the surface of the pond. If there are any Phos-kit crystals left at the bottom of the watering can when you've finished, add some more water and spread this over the pond as well.

Does your water turn a milky colour after you have carried out a treatment? Don't worry if this happens. It is perfectly safe and the effect will soon go away. Phos-kit is quite harmless to pond life other than blanketweed. Although this will usually mean that your pond water was not in a very healthy condition before the medication was used. Phoskit will only usually react in this way if your pond water is unhealthily alkaline. A more normal alkaline level can be acheived by carrying out partial water changes.

That's it. You have completed the treatment of your pond!

Continue to apply treatments once every two weeks untill all the blanketweed has gone. Then once a month to keep it from coming back.

Removing Blanketweed From A Pond With a Stick
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Tadpole Tip: For best results Phos-kit should be treated regularly on time, once every two weeks. It is a good idea to make a note of the dates when the Phos-kit treatment is due in your diary or house calendar.

Tadpole Tip: As the blanketweed dies, it decomposes. This is a normal natural process that is caused by the action of bacteria and happens to all organic life once it has died. The bacteria that consume the dead blanketweed, use a lot of oxygen. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent the oxygen levels in the pond falling too low: Remove as much of the blanketweed as you can by hand before dosing with medication. This reduces the amount of weed that will die and decay once the pond has been treated. Another way is to provide some additional oxygenation to the pond until the blanketweed has disappeared. Oxygen can be added to the pond by using a fountain, waterfall, stream or using an air-stone connected to an air pump. Low oxygen is not an effect of the medication. Phos-kit does not have any direct effect on the oxygen levels in the pond. It is caused by the natural processes of decay as the blanketweed dies and rots away. This will be the case whatever means that you choose to kill the blanketweed.

Packets Of Phos-kit & Blanc-kit Medication

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